21 March 2008

Just kids at play

Many sightings reports are either made by children themselves or by adults who witness a creature watching their children. Something about human children is certainly attractive to BF creatures.
And what better playmate could there be for a human child living on the outskirts of civilization than a juvenile BF creature?

Noted Bigfoot researcher Ivan Sanderson recounts the following account:

Then there has been another most peculiar business in this [Klamath] area. It transpired that nearby, certain persons who are [Caucasian] family folk, live in rather expensive houses sometimes of the split-level ranch type, on blacktop roads around which school buses parade daily to take their offspring to be educated. In many cases they own houses which stand in several acres of land backed up against solid forest that has not been touched except for logging of large timber a century ago. They had something most unpleasant to report. These people live not more than 30 miles from a large and bustling modern city. They stated, in confidence and off the record, to certain locals for whose veracity I will vouch, that they had long experienced a problem.

This was simply that their kids - i.e. under 7-year-olds - had been found to be playing in the back fields up by the borders of the forest with certain fairly small hairy ones, who, when alarmed by the approach of human adults, allegedly took to the trees.

Said human kids, on reaching the age of reason, turned out not to want to talk about this abomination, while the parents most definitely did not and do not want it talked about. Nonetheless, they have talked a bit, and I pass it on to you for what it is worth.

Ivan T. Sanderson, Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come to Life,
published by Chilton of Philadelphia, PA, 1961, page 139

Daryl Colyer, investigator with the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy, shares a similar account.

This investigation was conducted as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred in Rusk County, Texas in 1983.

The witness remembers the experience vividly and was quite open and candid during the interview. The witness described the event as happening while he was playing with toy cars on the floor of his grandmother's living room. His grandfather, the victim of a very recent automobile accident, was sleeping on the sofa. The front door was open and the witness could see onto the front porch and into the front yard through the screen door.

The witness remembered seeing, as dusk fell, just on the other side of the screen door on the front porch, a curious creature that resembled "a small ape - stocky but bipedal," with "reddish-brown hair." Thinking back, the witness reckoned that the height of the subject was "no more than three or four feet." The subject stood there watching the witness as he played with his toy cars. The witness did not remember being cognizant of anything relating to gender, but did remember that its face seemed "like an ape," and that it had "expressive eyes." He went on to say, "As far as I could tell, it was a kid."

After a few seconds had passed, the witness stood up and walked over to the screen door. He now stood within an arm's length from the subject; it seemed to be more curious about the car that the witness held in his hand than with anything else. The witness remembered no discernible odor, except perhaps a subtle, "animal smell" (much like a dog or cat) and he had no memory of notable, pervasive feelings during the experience other than curiosity.

After a few seconds of studying the subject through the screen door (the whole encounter lasting perhaps 30 seconds), the witness ran into the kitchen with the hope of bringing his grandmother into the living room. When the witness returned to the living room with his grandmother, the subject had departed. The witness's grandmother did not believe him and admonished him not to "tell stories." He tried to convince her of what he had seen, while grandfather slept deeply on the sofa, but the grandmother would not accept it.

The next day, having a feeling of generosity and wanting to share his toys, the witness took the toy car with which he played when he first encountered the creature, and left it in the yard - as a gift and gesture of friendship. He never saw the little toy again, and believed that the "small bigfoot" absconded with it. The witness went on to say that he has no memory of tracks or any other physical evidence and that he was simply too young to have thought of such things.

Despite the hidden and elusive nature of these creatures, for whatever reason there are times or circumstances when they allow their own young to approach and interact with human children. No doubt such interactions are taking place under the watchful eye of a nearby parent or caretaker.

Looking at the same situation with the tables turned, what better playmate could there be for one of these juvenile hairy creatures than a hairless human child who lives on the edge of their woodland or wetland habitat area?