24 January 2008

Are these creatures physical or paranormal?

As I am reading about and researching these creatures called Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Shadow Folk, I sometimes run across such things as aliens and UFOs and strange lights and ghosts slipped into the witness observations and encounter reports. At first I was tempted to discard or set aside such accounts since they have no place in my working theory that these creatures are flesh-and-blood animals. It was easier to focus on those incident reports which fit my expectation about the nature of these creatures.

Yesterday I responded to a PM from a California lady. She said she had gotten into bigfoot investigations as a member of a paranormal research group. She reported that either the folks in that group were making things up trying to outdo each other or they had some seriously disturbing things going on. She believed bigfoot was an animal but couldn't equate that fact with all the supernatural things they were reporting. Her PM asked me point blank, "Are bigfoot physical or paranormal?

I recently had a similar conversation with my daughters when they asked me whether ghosts were real. In that case, I related how some folks considered our local woods along Cole Hollow and California Roads to be haunted due to the strange things we've witnessed there such as the barking vocalizations, wood knocks and rock clacking. Or how a fellow investigator heard apelike whoops or had a rock thrown at his car at night. People can misinterpret the activities of a real animal and blame it on ghosts.

Last year I spoke with an "open minded" investigator who confided with me that poltergeist experiences started happening around and in his home as he became more interested and active in BF research. This struck a chord in me as I recalled first-person "ghost stories" reported by my relatives. I will not detail either his or my family's private anecdotes here, but I doubt that we are unique in having such accounts.

How do I explain such a world where "paranormal" manifestations ranging from UFOs to ghosts are a reality? I have come to an understanding that some folks are unwittingly dabbling in supernatural matters they directly or indirectly brought upon themselves.

I ground my foundational view of the universe and all within it by what God reveals to us in the Bible. As I read the Bible, I find that it describes a supernatural realm populated with angels and demons that are every bit as real as the natural world we experience with our 5 senses. For the most part, the supernatural realm remains unseen. Yet we are called to "walk by faith and not by sight." Ephesians 6:12 says, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places."

Since the dawn of creation, Satan and his demons will do anything and everything to distract and mislead folks from believing in Jesus and the Bible. Some of the things people attribute to ghosts, aliens, UFOs and the like may actually be the activities of real beings the Bible calls demons. I hope other folks involved in bigfoot research reading this are helped by this explanation. I've been praying for my fellow investigator who told me about the poltergeist activity he's been experiencing since he started researching bigfoot creatures. I hope he reads this blog. Any other people out there experiencing similar things also need to find out what's really going on.

When somebody seeks out the "paranormal" and stuff starts happening then I think they may very well be fraternizing with these supernatural beings, most likely demons who at times masquerade as angels (or vice versa, in that the ulterior motive of such beings is bent on entertaining and misleading people).

So on one hand, I believe these creatures we are investigating represent one or more species of flesh-and-blood animals created and gifted by God with amazing survival skills which explain how they have managed to elude us and extinction to the present day. On the other hand, I also believe that some of the experiences and observations reported by folks may in fact be the activity of equally real supernatural beings.

Take comfort in knowing that throughout all the circumstances and events of our lives, God remains sovereign. Even supernatural beings can only do as much as God allows them to do. If an individual person is wholly intent on seeking out and dabbling with such beings as they pursue "paranormal" experiences, God allows this to happen. God reigns supreme and the end of the conflict is certain. If you are fearful or oppressed by the "paranormal," seek God and the shelter of His gracious and merciful love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Paranormal investigators and ordinary folk alike may very well experience and report observations which they mistakenly attribute as being associated with BF creatures. As for me, my understanding of both the physical and supernatural realities at work makes the most sense as I sift through so many sighting and encounter reports-- some of which include "paranormal" elements.

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